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Pregnancy Care 

Expert Guidance

Our clinic is the only clinic in Deniliquin who can provide pre-conception, antenatal, delivery and post-natal care. We aim to provide highly personal care with a focus on continuity. You can decide to have your care with Dr. Marion Magee, Dr. Rachel James or D.r Rob Campbell and know for any issues arising in your pregnancy your choosen health care professional will attend no matter the time, day or night and including weekends. Along with our core group of midwives at Deniliquin hospital you are bound to know us all by first names by the time you introduce your baby to the world. 

For those who are having more complex pregnancies our team at Deniliquin can provide antenatal shared care services. We can do some of your antenatal care appointments and you will attend some at your intended birthing site. This can reduce travel and cost and allow you to have continuity into the post natal period. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Pregnancy and COVID-19

In the current climate of COVID-19 please find some advice regarding pregnancy care

Is it still safe to get pregnant with COVID-19?

Pregnant women with COVID-19 have a higher risk of severe illness compared to non-pregnant women with COVID-19 of the same age. This includes an increased risk of:

  • hospitalisation

  • admission to an intensive care unit   

  • invasive ventilation. 

COVID-19 during pregnancy also increases the risk of complications for the baby including a higher risk of stillbirth and of being born prematurely.

Vaccination is the best way to reduce these risks.

Can COVID-19 be passed onto the baby?

We now know the virus cannot pass through the placenta to the baby (vertical transmission) but baby can be infected once born if Mum or Dad is unwell.

When is the best time to get a Covid-19 Vaccination during my pregnancy?

It is recommended to have a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are offered one. Pfizer or Moderna vaccines can be given at any stage of pregnancy. Two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine provides good protection against COVID-19, including against the Delta strain. It is recommended to have 2 doses of the vaccine, 3-6 weeks apart.

Should I stop breastfeeding?

No, Breastfeeding provides babies with some immunity protection and has many health benefits. So please continue to breastfeed. 
If you have a cough and a fever the advice is to wear a mask while breastfeeding and baby can still sleep in your room, separate to your bed.

I am currently pregnant, should I stop working? 

Current advice from the UK suggests if you are below 28 weeks you can continue to work but with social distancing measures. If you are above 28 weeks gestation you should be looking at limiting your contact with the public and if possible work from home. If this affects you please feel free to make an appointment to discuss your personal circumstances in detail.

I'm pregnant should I come to my appointment and wait in the waiting room?

We can now offer telehealth appointments via skype for all pregnant and post-natal clients. For most appointments we will try to do this but we will need some appointments to measure your tummy, take a blood pressure and listen to baby's heart rate. When you arrange your appointment, talk with the admin staff to get the right balance. 
If you do need to come in, please call ahead and ensure we are running on time and when arrive stay in your car and give us a call. We will invite you in when the Dr. is ready.

Can I still travel when I am pregnant?

All non-essential travel should be delayed. The main reasons for travel in pregnancy will be to attend medical appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Antenatal Care in Deniliquin 

I am not a usual patient of Deniliquin Clinic, can I still be seen for my pregnancy?

Yes. As the designated clinic for pregnancy care in Deniliquin we will always see people for their pregnancy care. When you call our admin team please ensure you highlight it is for pregnancy care.

I don't live in Deniliquin, can I still be seen at the clinic for my care.

Yes. At Deniliquin Clinic we provide maternity care for our surrounding ares including Finely, Jerilderie, Hay and Barham. Give us a call and see how we can help.

When do I start seeing the midwives at the hospital for maternity care?

At 14 weeks we aim to refer you to your chosen birthing location. Throughout your pregnancy, some appointments will be at the hospital and others with us at the clinic.

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